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the election the summertime the prices were over four dollars a gallon. the price of $1.84 is going on until six. >> getting gas in new jersey is just one of the many problems in the aftermath of sandy. >> we will take you back to jury sir and new york. >> and those tiny miracles born during sandy and how the medical advances have keeping them alive. >> and the difference between an allergy and a cold. find out when we continue right after this. . >>> really is hard to forget the images of the nicu babies being evacuated from a hospital during hurricane sandy. many of them just fighting for every breath. we tell you about a new approach to caring for them and helping keep them alive. >> reporter: learning to walk is a milestone for any child but for little nicholas these steps nearly a miracle. he was born at just 24 weeks more than three months early. >> he was one pound 11 ounces, 11 inches long. tiny baby. i didn't know they could be that small. >> reporter: a lot of them have been born that small. in the past not many survived. if they did they were sure to face serious health probl
, again, falling back and then into election day projecting dry voting weather, not so bad. temperatures not moving much. tough to get a warmup going. sandy as shifted and changed -- has shifted and changed our weather pattern. >> won't it just die? we just really want it to die and go away. sandy is dieing a slow death. the change out of canada, that's going to stay with us awhile. >> it's one of sandy's lasting gifts. that was fantastic. >>> all right. parents or feeling stressed may get a bit more hang shuls after hearing -- anxious after hearing this. a survey shows a level of a parent's stress is connected to their children's weight. more specifically, the researchers found parents feeling more stress were much more likely it have everweight children. some health experts believe the connection could be the result of busy parents who turn to fast food more often to feed their families. >> when parents are very, very stressed, are they going to go home and think about preparing a meal, maybe stop at grocery store and come into their kitchen? no, they're going to go to that fast food.
Search Results 0 to 1 of about 2